Rose 5-11-17

Breeding Stock

The majority of our breeding stock are Full Blood Myotonic.  We also have some percentage does  with Kiko and/or Spanish blood. 

All of our breeding stock is registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry.  Any and all offspring can  also be registered--either as Full Blood or Percentage.

kid in mid-air 2-19-16


Many like to have a goat as a pet or as a companion animal for themselves or for another animal.  Goats make wonderful companions for horses and seem to have a calming effect on them.  Many competition and racehorses travel with their own goat to help ease stress.

Also, many people love to have them just to watch their antics as they are very playful and the kids, especially, are always bouncing.

A good example of a nice meaty young goat.


If you have never had goat meat, you don't know what you've missed.  It is the most widely eaten meat in the world for many reasons.  Not only is it tasty but it is good for you.  It is extremely low in fat and cholesterol.

We sell the kids when they are at the peak of tenderness.  While we do NOT process for meat, we can refer you to someone who will butcher and package your meat for you.