Meat Goats

Meat Goats come in many breeds.  We specialize in the Myotonic breed (Fainting Goats/Tennessee Meat Goats) because they have a better meat to bone ratio (4/1) compared with other breeds.

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Goat Meat

Goat Meat is the most widely eaten meat in the world and is also the best for you as it's low fat, low cholesterol, and tastes great.

 We only sell live kids and do NO butchering on premises.  We can, however, refer you to someone to process your goat.

Most kids sold for meat are sold in the 45-60 lb range as they are very tender at that age and weight.

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Goats make great pets and are smarter than most people think.  Plus, they like to play and have a great sense of humor.

They make great companions for other livestock, esp. horses and get along with just about any animal or person.
They can be taught to carry packs,  pull carts, etc.

If one is your pet, he will let you know when he hears you coming and is very happy to see you.

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Breeding Stock.

While we like to sell the goats as pets or meat, we LOVE to sell them as Breeding Stock.  We keep at least 3 different bucks in order to offer you young stock that is not related.  That  way, you can purchase a young buck that is not related to the young does that you choose.  All of our does and bucks are having outstanding kids and all the crosses with the different bucks have produced tremendous kids.

We pride ourselves in producing only the best breeding does crossed with the best breeding bucks.   We breed for temperament as well as size and confirmation. 

Emma 5-11-17