Can I raise  goats at home?

Certainly, as long as you have good fencing.

Should I get more than one goat?

Yes, as goats are herd animals.  They like companionsYou should get at least two, and three or more would be better.  Remember--think "herd".

Will I need housing?

Yes, they don't like to get wet.  If you have babies, they will need some kind of protection from wind and rain.

Do goats eat a lot?

Remember, goats are browsers.  They prefer brush and weeds.  And of course, like good grass.  They need very little grain. If you want to feed them, most all feed stores carry a goat feed and minerals.  In the wintertime, you will need to supplement with a good quality hay.  They do NOT eat a lot and you don't want a fat goat.

What about worms and parasites?

You will need to worm your goats on a regular basis.  Especially, in Florida, the Barberpole worm is a constant problem.  We use the Famacha eye chart as a guide as to when to worm.

Where can I get help and learn more  about how to care for my goats?

We are always willing to help and mentor as best that we can.  Plus, there are many web sites with useful information.  With goats, as with most everything else, it is a constant learning experience.

Can I register my goats?

Yes, if they are full-blood or a Myotonic cross, they can be registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry.

What about predators?

Depending on where you keep your goats,  you  will probably want some kind of protection. Coyotes or wild dogs can wipe  out a herd very quickly.  Some people put them in a barn at night.  We have Livestock Guard Dogs that protect them.

Can I breed my goats?

Yes, as long as you have an unrelated buck with your does.

If I don't want to  breed, can I castrate my buck?

Certainly. Castrated bucks (or Wethers) make excellent pets.